Parent FAQ

Should I still take my child(ren) to child care? 

We encourage each family to make decisions based on what is best for you and your family. Please take time to review the CDC and local health authority recommendations. We are here to support your decisions and will not penalize you for your choices.

If I decide to keep my children home during this emergency will absences be counted against me?

Please know absences will not be counted against you.  We know you ae working to make the best decision for you and your family during this health concern.

How can I still swipe so my provider can be paid?

Please follow the normal attendance policies.  You will code this absence as “illness.”   You will need to call in your absences – the phone number is on the back of your CCAA card.   Be assured-we are paying your child care provider but please continue to swipe or call in your absences.


Do I still pay my parent’s share of cost?

Yes, you will need to pay your parent’s share of cost even if you elect to keep your children home.   The share of cost, as with any tuition payment, serves to keep your spot open at the child care facility.  


Should I call CCMS if I decide to keep my child(ren) home?

No, there is no need to report this to CCMS but please remember to keep your provider informed as you normally do with absences.  This assists them as they plan for meals and staffing.  


How will I be notified if there is an outbreak in my child care facility?

The child care facility will directly provide you information regarding their campus should they have a health concern.  Child Care Associates/CCMS will be providing community information from local regulatory authorities as updates occur.  This is an ever-changing situation so please keep yourself aware.

CCA Website:

CCMS Website:

How can I turn in my paperwork to CCMS if the offices are closed?

CCMS offices are currently open.  We ask you work to submit information via fax or upload your documents back us.

Fax: (817) 840-7211

Staff are also available on-site that will be checking the USPS mail regularly and we currently have a lobby window for dropping off forms.

How can I contact CCMS during this time?

We will continue to provide services for your family.  You may reach us by calling 817.831.0374 and you will be directed to your CCMS worker or next available staff.  Please be patient with us during this time as many calls will be coming in with questions.